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Frequent moves gives me an appreciation of the issues involved with most relocating situations. Being both a USAF veteran and a retired Army spouse enables me to understand the military community and to make sure that buyers are able to find what they are looking for, to buy it, to sell it and to move on.

Fifteen years owning a Property Management firm - Just Lets - in England gave me a unique perspective and the ability to find that bottom line and then be able to make it work for everyone. Buying and selling several houses, has given me the experience to make sure that yours is a good investment; that is a house that you can make into a home.

My husband, Jackson, and I, with four children moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2007. We have been very involved in the schools, sports, church and community. This year 2019 we have decided to open our own firm, we are veteran-owned and both of us have served. We are dedicated to elevating your whole real estate experience.

Please give me a call, so I can help you. 910.644.6603

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